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Charlton Place / Camden Passage

March 2023:  Following minimal consultation, Islington Council have recently started work on an "insane" redevelopment of Charlton Place, a charming Georgian Street, as part of the St Mary's ward LTN, featuring filtering of through traffic and discouragement of cars and vans using a "legoland" chicane arrangement (pictured).  The works have dismayed local residents and the local business community in adjoining Camden Passage, one of London's premier centres for antique dealers and other small, high quality shops, restaurants and bars.  This community has now organised what promises to be a highly effective campaign to halt and reverse the development, and have persuaded the Council to hold a meeting on 20th April at the Town hall. 

Wavy Lines 2.jpg


The Charlton Place / Camden Passage community organised a petition which revealed the following:​​

A whopping 98% of businesses object to the new scheme.

Most said they were not consulted.

83% of residents also objected.

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